Guided Wicca Workbook by Luna Clarke
Guided Wicca Workbook by Luna Clarke
Guided Wicca Workbook by Luna Clarke

Guided Wicca Workbook by Luna Clarke

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Luna has created a gentle guided Wicca workbook for the beginner Witch. This introductory and easy-to-use guide takes you through the foundations of the Wicca religion. Each section uncovers a new topic, along with guided workbook pages to direct your thinking. The questions get you thinking like a Wiccan, communing with Nature, and noticing Magick in your life!

This guide will take you from a simple Wicca beginner to one who's started on her year and a day. The new Witch workbook will lead you step-by-step, in a guided approach, to study your new Wiccan path.

  • Reveal the Wiccan Altar. Consider Wiccan supplies for your altar, Wiccan tools you'll want to use, and Wiccan symbols and their meanings.
  • Discover the Wiccan calendar. Study the Wiccan Wheel of the Year and consider the symbolism and rituals associated with each Wiccan Sabbat.
  • Unveil Wiccan spells. Contemplate Wiccan Magick and Wiccan healing, and learn how to get started with real Witchcraft spells.
  • Uncover Wiccan Beliefs. Ponder sage Wicca teachings and what they mean in your everyday rituals and Wiccan practices.
  • Explore Wiccan Herbal Magick. Investigate the boundless powers of Wiccan herbs, including magickal things like Wiccan gardening, and learn what to include your own Wicca kitchen!
  • Connect with Wiccan Goddesses. Unwrap the significance of the Lord and Lady and explore other Pagan deities.
  • Reveal Wiccan Crystal Magick. Examine beautiful and powerful Wiccan crystals, and what these mysterious Wiccan stones can do in your life.
  • Understand Wiccan Lunar Magick. Learn about Wicca moon magic and the lunar calendar and how you can align yourself and your practice with it.

This gorgeous and mysterious Witch workbook is a large 8x11" notebook size. It's easy to open wide and it gives plenty of writing space. This book can double as a daily Wiccan journal, because there is room for notes, both throughout the book and at the end. Guided entries lead you through different areas of the Wicca religion and it presents wisdom in an easy-to-understand way. This Witch beginner book prepares you to start on your path and create your own Wiccan Book of Shadows when you are willing and ready.

ISBN: 9798642048924

Author:  Luna Clarke

Publisher: Amazon


89 Pages