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Out on the Sound by R. E. Bradshaw

Out on the Sound by R. E. Bradshaw

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If you read the first page of this book and say, "Oh no, not another lesbian softball book," you would be wrong. This is a book about two thirty something women who find each other completely through circumstances of fate. T

The first four, emotional rollercoaster, weeks of their relationship includes everything from hilarious scenes to tragic events, that will keep the reader turning pages into the wee hours of the morning.

In her late thirties, Decky Bradshaw was set for life. She had an incredibly lucky life up to this point, excluding the brief marriage to her son's father. She had a great job, plenty of money and a very comfortable existence. Decky figured if someone ever came along that tickled her fancy she'd know. She never thought for one second it would be a woman. Neither did her mother.

Follow Decky as she finds new love and deals with her, "Tennessee Williams in drag," overly dramatic, southern mother, Lizzie, and the hurricane of events she brings.

  • Product Identifiers ISBN-10 1442135859 ISBN-13 9781442135857
  • Key Details Author R. E. Bradshaw
  • Number Of Pages 326 pages
  • Format Paperback
  • Publication Date 2010-11-11
  • Language English
  • Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Dimensions Weight 19.7 Oz Height 0.7 In. Width 6 In. Length 9 In.
  • Target Audience Group Trade