Running 2010 Edition By: John Stanton
Running 2010 Edition By: John Stanton

Running 2010 Edition By: John Stanton

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Like New: Some marks on front cover.

Running, the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, is truly a life-changing experience. It starts with those basic steps and soon becomes the adventure of a lifetime. Now, in the Running Room's Book on Running 2010 Edition, veteran runner/author John Stanton offers expert advice to help you get the most from your running. This wonderfully illustrated book answers all your questions about running, including:

  • Getting started and keeping it fun.
  • Building a program that works with your lifestyle.
  • Picking the right gear.
  • Running form, posture and breathing.
  • Heart rate training made clear.
  • Types of running—what to do and how to do it.
  • Nutrition for the runner.
  • Strength and cross-training—easy to manage exercise routines.
  • Women's issues related to running and running during pregnancy.
  • Avoiding and dealing with injuries.
  • Mental preparation and the psychology of running.
  • Tips for race day.

Published by: The Penguin group.

By; John Stanton.